Vitamin E Acetate Testing

Vitamin E Acetate Vape Testing for Cannabis, Hemp and CBD

In vaping oils, Vitamin E acetate is a cheap thinning agent used to dilute or thicken the THC or CBD substance, which enhances its usage in cartridges. Some producers utilize it to dilute the active substance, giving the vape oil a more uniform consistency. However, even though it’s safe for many applications, it is not safe when vaporized and inhaled. It can lead to serious respiratory illness, lung damage, and potentially even death.

Purity and potency are vital to the quality of an end product. You don’t want a thinning agent that diminishes the quality of your product – or worse, poses a threat to customer safety. Customers deserve to know that they’re buying a vape product that is safe.

At Origo Labs, we screen all sample types for two isomers of Vitamin E (ɑ-tocopherol and ɣ-tocopherol) and Vitamin E Acetate. First, we extract the sample using a clean solvent. Then, we determine the precise levels of potency using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS).

There are currently no federal standards for Vitamin E acetate in vape products, but that will likely change in the near future. States and the federal government are researching and developing new standards for vape contaminants like Vitamin E acetate. In the meantime, we’ll help you to ensure that your product is free from Vitamin E Acetate.

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