Strain Sequencing

Cannabis Genetic Testing and Strain Sequencing

As a breeder, seed supplier, or grower, knowing the genetics of your plants can be incredibly valuable. Armed with the genetic truth behind your strains, you can selectively breed your plants for certain properties and market them to the end buyers who desire these properties.

At Origo Labs, we test for genotype and phenotype to help you breed for the characteristics you value the most. A cannabis plant’s genotype is its genetic makeup and blueprints for growth. Phenotype refers to the visible traits of the plant, such as its smell, taste, potency, appearance, resin production and more. First, we use sequencing technology to glean data about your plants. Then, we can analyze the data to determine DNA fingerprint, genetic relationships, traits and more.

Armed with this knowledge, you can thoroughly understand different strains and the different varieties within these strains. You can create a more predictable, stable strain with valuable traits, and you can get a better understanding of the optimal growth environment for your plants.


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