Soil Contamination

Soil Contaminant Laboratory Testing for Cannabis Growing

When growing hemp or marijuana in soil, it’s important to know as much about that soil as possible. Does it contain lead or other heavy metals? Could there be chemicals present, like petroleum products, fossil fuels, or pesticides? Are there contaminants from prior uses of that soil? Are there plant-harming pests or diseases present? These are important questions to answer when you value the quality of your products and the safety of your customers.

Soil contaminants can affect the growth and health of your plants, affecting yields and grow time. Contaminants can also make their way into the final product, which could harm anyone who ingests or inhales that contaminant.

To grow healthy plants, you need healthy soil, which can be difficult to detect just by looking at it. At Origo Labs, we will carefully process and analyze your soil sample, measuring each contaminant so it can be compared to allowable limits or screening levels.


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