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Origo Labs is happy to provide a custom shipping label to send in CBD/Hemp test samples directly to our laboratory. Before printing your shipping label, we ask that you read and agree to our Terms of Use for this service.

Terms of Use

IMPORTANT: Print and complete the CBD/Hemp Service Request Form and put it in the package with the CBD/Hemp product you are shipping.

  1. Include a statement indicating this product is CBD or Hemp and its THC content is below the federal limits of 0.3%.
    Origo Labs does not take responsibility for the package contents and all United States Postal Service (USPS) packages are subject to inspection. To remain compliant with the USPS, please include a signed statement indicating the product you are shipping is CBD or Hemp and its THC content is below the federal limits of 0.3%.
  2. Keep a copy of your tracking number.
    Origo Labs does not take responsibility for the package until it is received in our office. Keep the tracking number until you get notified that an Origo Labs team member received the package.
  3. Do not send your product in a paper envelope of any kind.
    Your product that needs to be tested will not make it to our office if sent in any kind of paper envelope, big or small. We cannot take responsibility for product sent in paper envelopes. Please send your CBD/Hemp products in a small box or a bubble mailer. Make sure the small box or bubble mailer is well sealed. We are not responsible for shipments with lost contents due to being improperly secured.
  4. Generate a new shipping label for each shipment.
    If a label is used twice, it may not make it to our testing lab. We cannot take responsibility for a package that is delayed or lost due to use of a duplicate shipping label.
  5. Origo Labs should receive your package within 3-5 business days.
    You can use the tracking information on USPS’s website to track your package and confirm delivery. If you need a quicker turnaround, please send your CBD/Hemp products by an alternative shipping method.

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