Seed Germination

Cannabis Germination Testing

Do you know the seed germination rate of your hemp or cannabis plants? Knowing the germination rate of each seed lot can help you understand how those seeds will perform once you’ve planted them. It’ll let you know the likelihood of producing a decent crop so that you can decide whether to use that lot of seeds or not. And, it’ll help you determine the ideal seeding rate when it comes time to plant.

We test seed germination rate by taking a sample of your cannabis seeds at random, then leaving them to germinate under carefully-controlled, pH-balanced lab settings. From our results, you’ll be able to tell what percentage of seeds germinated normally, which ones were abnormal, and which ones failed to germinate for a variety of reasons.

We work closely with seed suppliers and growers to help diagnose seed germination issues so that you can find a successful solution Healthy crops and high yields are the goal, and we’ll help you get there!


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