Residual Solvents Testing

Why our Residual Solvents Testing?

Do you need to determine the quality or safety of a product with residual solvent testing? Origo Labs provides comprehensive testing for solvents like butane, ethanol, propane, and more. 

Residual solvent testing enables you to make informed decisions about your product while improving your manufacturing process. Plus, it allows you to produce a safe product, remain compliant and build customer trust.

While solvents are necessary to creating CBD oil, THC concentrate, and other potent cannabis products, they can cause significant problems if any solvent is left over after the manufacturing or extraction process is complete. Organic solvents are great at extracting cannabinoids and terpenes for high-concentration oils and waxes, but they’re potentially harmful if they end up in the final product.

Most organic solvents are unsafe for human consumption, so we verify that each solvent is below the legal level of 10 ppm. This type of testing is required in most states and is an important indicator of the quality of the end product. We use a Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to test for residual solvents. 

We offer all of the Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp testing services you need!

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