Innovation, Manufacturing, and Quality Process Support

Ensuring Quality & Consistency Every Step of the Way

Cannabis and CBD products have the ability to impact peoples’ lives for the better, and it’s fantastic that it is becoming more mainstream! Whether you produce dry herb, edibles, capsules, vape liquid, CBD oil, or another innovative product, quality is vital. There are many things on the line: your customers’ health and safety, your brand’s reputation, and the reputation of the cannabis industry as a whole.

At Origo Labs, we provide cannabis consulting and testing services. We will work closely with you to help fill in any gaps that may be present in your laboratory processes, quality assurance, and/or manufacturing process. We do this by helping you implement improvements to manufacturing process control, standardization, and quality.

What’s Your Quality Control Plan?

There are dozens of steps involved in growing cannabis from a tiny seed to putting a product on a dispensary shelf. That means there’s a lot that can go wrong if you don’t have an airtight quality control plan in place.

Have you received testing results that revealed a misstep in your quality control practices? Perhaps there were residual solvents or pesticides, or maybe the cannabinoid and terpene levels were not what you expected. Maybe the tests revealed that there were microbes or mycotoxins present.

Or maybe you haven’t received subpar testing results at all, but you still want to improve your quality control plan to make sure none of these issues arise in the future. In any case, the team at Origo Labs would be happy to help you control the quality of your products.

We Can Help You Develop:

Innovation, Manufacturing and Quality Process Support Enables You To…

Ensure Contaminant-Free, Safe Products

Every cannabis product that hits the shelves should be 100% safe and contaminant-free. It’s your responsibility to make sure your products are free of all pesticides, solvents, microbes, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and foreign materials. This requires good practices from the growing process to packaging and everything in between.

Standardize Your Processes

It is important to standardize your manufacturing processes. This means defining and standardizing everything – from batch size, to sampling procedures, to documentation of all your manufacturing, sampling, and testing methods. Your Origo Labs consultants will help you get SOPs in place for every step of the process, allowing for consistency and quality in your products.

Label Products Properly

In order for cannabis products to be effective and safe, they need to be taken at the right dosage. It’s imperative that you know the exact potency of your products so you can provide accurate labels for your customers. This requires a plan for regular cannabinoid testing, as well as manufacturing practices that align with the desired potency of the final product.

Remain Compliant

In many states, the industry was relatively unregulated for years. But now, there are standards in place that need to be met. These standards may seem like a hassle, but they’re actually very helpful in protecting your product, your company, and consumers. With a good quality control plan, you can rest assured that your products, processes, and labels are compliant with regulatory standards.

We offer all of the Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp testing services you need!

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