Moisture Content and Water Activity Levels

Water Activity Level Testing of Cannabis

Plants need water to grow, and the cannabis plant is no exception. However, plants aren’t the only things that grow in water: fungi and bacteria also thrive in high humidity areas. These contaminants are dangerous, difficult to spot, and quick to spread. Without proper growing conditions and curing processes, your cannabis or hemp product could be at risk.

Water activity is one of the main indicators of quality in a cannabis or hemp plant, whether it’s intended for consumption as a dry herb or whether it’s going to be processed into oil or another product. High water activity (>0.65) can make the plant unsuitable for extraction and unsafe for ingestion.

At Origo Labs, we use a precise water activity meter to determine the excess water that your plants have available to fuel the growth of harmful contaminants. You’ll be able to build trust with consumers by providing proof of your product’s safety. In addition to water activity testing, we directly test for various harmful bacteria and fungi directly (See mycotoxins and microbiological contaminants). The health and satisfaction of your customers won’t be at risk and you can continue to provide consistent, high-quality cannabis, CBD, and hemp products!

Note: Do you suspect that your sample contains mold already? If so, you’ll want to order our microbiology or mycotoxin tests instead. If you have any questions about which test to order, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We offer all of the Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp testing services you need!

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