Micronutrient Analysis

Cannabis Leaf Tissue Testing

There are thirteen macronutrients and micronutrients that plants need to grow and survive. As a grower, you’re probably used to looking at your plants’ performance to determine whether they’re getting enough nutrients. But to truly optimize your growing operation, you need deeper insight into the health of your plants.

Getting your cannabis leaf tissue tested for nutrient uptake is a helpful way to learn more about what’s going on in your plants and your soil. Routine analysis is a good way to monitor nutrient uptake by taking multiple samples over the course of a growing season. Diagnostic analysis is a good way to diagnose problems you plants seem to be having. Plant tissue analysis is far more accurate than a substrate test for both of these categories.

Whether you’re a seed supplier or a grower, our foliar tissue analysis equipment and methods are fine-tuned to provide the information you need. If you’re seeking the truth about your plantsour laboratory team is here to help you out!


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