Genetic Sex

Plant Sexing for Cannabis Seedlings

Cannabis is a dioecious plant – it has male and female reproductive structures on separate plants. For those who are growing marijuana for medicinal or commercial purposes, it’s important to focus on the female cannabis plants because they produce the cannabinoid-rich buds. Male plants are useful for producing seeds, but usually, the majority of male plants should be culled early in the growing process.

For best results, you should identify the genetic sex as early as possible. With laboratory testing, plant sexing can be done only 7 days from germination! A lab test can determine the Y-chromosome differential on a molecular level at the seedling stage. This can be valuable even for feminized seeds, which have a chance of turning into male or hermaphrodite plants. You won’t have to waste time and resources tending plants that will never produce flowers.

Simply take a sample of the cotyledon leaf (the first round leaf you see on the seedling), send it in to us, and we can test the sex of your plant. You’ll have the results in just a few days!


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