Cannabis Foreign Material Inspection

Foreign Material Inspection for Cannabis

The beauty of CBD, cannabis, and hemp products is that they’re made from natural plant material. But along with the raw plant matter, foreign contaminants can easily be introduced. Common ones include dirt, sand, mold, or insects. Sometimes, you also get contaminants that are introduced during the production process or during storage.

It’s important to screen for foreign material so that you can continually provide the best and safest products to your customers. Otherwise, you risk serious health hazards for those who consume your products.

To ensure the safety and purity of cannabis samples, we use state-of-the-art digital microscopes. Our lab techs are trained to notice the slightest irregularity in dry herb and other cannabis products. Our laboratory team will dissect your sample, weigh it, assess it for foreign material, and quantify the amount of foreign matter. Dry flower, capsules, concentrates, oils, tinctures, and other products can all be tested.

We offer all of the Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp testing services you need!

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