Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Vapor intrusion is a specific indoor air exposure pathway. However, there are impacts that can affect the quality of air in buildings including construction activities, new materials being put in, old substances being removed, mechanical issues with HVAC systems, spills, and the list goes on. We have the experience, the environmental testing, and superior service that can help support identification stemming from these kinds of issues.

Outdoor Perimeter Air Monitoring

Environmental remediation, construction sites, maintenance work, and industrial sites may all need to monitor dust and chemicals that may be generated during onsite activities, production and manufacturing. Much of the monitoring and control is performed in real time and on site. Origo Labs supports many of the typical target parameters for these requirements and has the capacity to respond to time-critical testing.

Vapor Intrusion

Indoor air testing includes vapor Intrusion (VI). Indoor air samples are collected when building occupants want to know if there is an issue with indoor air quality (IAQ).  We provide an on-time performance and online vapor intrusion criteria checklist to our clients so that we can accurately identify IAQ issues and meet our client delivery commitments.

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