Who We Are

Naren Hariharan, MBA

Naren Hariharan, MBA

Co-Founder | The Truth Seeker

Tim Cash​, MBA

Tim Cash​, MBA

Co-Founder | The Change Catalyst

Nick Williams, PhD

Nick Williams, PhD

Lab Director | The Demystifier

Origo Labs is the premier testing services provider of analytical and microbiological testing services for small- to medium sized enterprises in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry to ensure safe and chemical-free products.

Origo Labs offers a full suite of testing including: cannabinoid potency, residual solvents, microbiological impurities, heavy metal, pesticide screening, terpene profiling, moisture activity, and mycotoxin analysis; through validated, accredited, and defensible methodologies.

Origo Labs is led by a group of professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, product development, regulatory compliance, operations and new business development. The founders have always believed in the power of cannabis as being a force for good that can truly help and make a positive impact on a community. This belief is echoed through each and every member of the leadership team.

Our Mission

Led by seasoned entrepreneurs with a curated experience in Medical Device and Business Development, Origo Labs is driven to raise the standard and be the ‘north star’  for safety and compliance testing in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

Origo Labs is focused on being a force for good and furthering the medical and recreational cannabis industry through the standardization and implementation of robust quality control systems, including the use of industry leading instrumentation and personnel. We aim to achieve this through our commitment in developing and delivering transparent, validated, reliable, and repeatable results. Investing in a specialized team, and with a concerted effort to set the standard for methods, Origo aims to be at the forefront of method standardization at the federal level.

Guided by an ethos of compassion, Origo Labs values safety and transparency, while striving to create a meaningful and positive impact for growers and processors in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry. Our goal is to educate our clients, consumers and regulators on the importance of accurate and quality testing for an increasingly robust and safe cannabis industry. We believe in continuing the advancement of cannabis, CBD, and hemp analytical and microbiological testing to ensure full transparency with our customers and consumers. This will ensure the safe consumption of cannabis, CBD, and hemp infused products, while staying committed to fostering social equity, benefitting the community, and furthering cannabis, CBD, and Hemp research.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We are committed to the highest standard of excellence and customer service.
  • We are committed to providing the cannabis, CBD, and Hemp industries with accurate and consistent testing results, along with process improving information.
  • We are committed to sharing information gained through regulatory testing, to produce higher quality and safer cannabis, CBD, and hemp infused products.
  • We are committed to our customers success by providing them with factual information to improve their processes and products in an easily accessible and professional format.
  • We are committed to empowering consumers and informing them that they have a right to know what is in their products, while ensuring safe consumption.
  • We are committed to the use of environmentally-conscious business practices, including the use of products that are environmentally friendly, recycled, upcycled, or made in the U.S.A., when possible.

Our Experience

We are one of the first Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp analytical laboratories to open in the state of Illinois. We are accredited and licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and have performed various complex and regulated testing in the cannabis, CBD, and Hemp industry. We understand compliance and regulatory testing, as well as the complexities associated with it.

We offer all of the Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp testing services you need!

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